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Mary Jo has lost 20 pounds and lowered her body fat percentage by 15%. She has been training with AMP Fitness for 8 months and now can do 20 more push-ups in a minute than she did on Day 1. We want to let the community to know of her hard work, effort, and progress to show how proud we are and how awesome she is. I remember when she first came to us and how frustrated she was with all the different fitness and diet programs she tried before her friend recommended us. Now she's at her ideal weight and she looks and feels great. And if you would like to accomplish what she has achieved, then contact us today and revAMP YOUR LIFE!

Great Job Mary Jo!

Karen came to us for help. She tried all the fads and couldn't figure out why nothing was working. One day she found us online and has been with us for 3 years. For once, Karen found success with our knowledge, expertise, guidance, and motivation. She's dropped 22 pounds of fat, while adding lean muscle mass. When she began seeing results she realized that AMP Fitness wasn't a fitness fad, rather AMP Fitness provided her with lifestyle change. I am amazed with her dedication, persistence, and success because she is the perfect example of when you dedicate your self and put forth the time and effort, you will achieve great things. Karen has been so appreciative of us, that she's recommended us to her co-workers at her school that she teaches at and because of that we have an after school fitness program for the educators. Thank you Professor and great job on your achievements and your continued success as you strive daily to live a healthy life. When you see Karen, commend her on all her hard work...and see how many squats she can do in a minute.

Sherry came to AMP Fitness because she took part in the Body Transformation Challenge. Her progress is remarkable. Sherry has lost 15 pounds, and improved her body composition by 8%. Sherry dedicated herself, put up with me and did great. Sherry is a prime example of hard work, discipline, desire, and dedication. Sherry’s journey is truly inspirational because it shows that when you decide and apply yourself to making a lifestyle change, good things will happen. We'd like to recognize Sherry because 1) she's awesome and 2) she deserves it. Great job Sherry!


Julie started training with us 2 years ago. She is super dedicated and brings it every day. She came to us because she wasn't getting the results she wanted. She was doing the same thing everyday and couldn't figure out why her body wasn't changing. We sat down with her and got to the bottom of things - in terms of her lifestyle, eating habits, exercise habits, and daily habits. She's happy we did because together we've surpassed goals and have created new ones that she never imagined. Julie has lowered her body composition drastically, added lean muscle mass, improved her flexibility, dropped dress sizes, and you can see as a result that she is feels good and looks great! So Julie...GREAT JOB! You are an inspiration for those who think they can't and whom have doubt. And I think she deserves the recognition because it's a great story.


Tina heard of us through her friend and colleague. She began work outing out with us as part of an afterschool program for teachers. A couple of months ago she decided to amp it up and began training at the studio. We're so proud of her. The hard work and dedication she's put forth has paid off. She's lost inches around her waist, lowered her body composition, and added lean muscle. She looks good and she feels good. As a mother of 2, she's seen the increase in her energy levels. On top that, exercising has provided an outlet for her to distress when her kids don't listen. We want to commend her on how far she's come and how she continues to grow every day. 

Bill is a firefighter in the Rochester community. His duties as a firefighter are to respond to emergency situations and protect people and property from accidental incidents. Seeing as how emergencies happen at random times of the day,  Bill felt he needed to take a proactive approach toward his health so that he would have more energy, strength, and total body conditioning for when duty calls. Bill came to us for direction and motivation. He's lowered his body composition by 15% and has dropped 9 inches in his waist. We would like to congratulate and recognize Bill for his achievements because he is the prime example of who you want responding to emergencies and handling situations. Recruits half his age can't do what he does and Bill has never let time or age stand in his way. Great job Bill! 

Cory came to us because he was looking for an outlet to get away. He found peace through boxing and conditioning. Every day he came to the studio to work hard and dedicate himself. As the days passed, his confidence grew. You could see the enjoyment he was having. We would have him throwing punches and working on technique...and every day he would get better and start understanding the concepts. As Cory progressed he learned how to throw combinations and how to utilize his footwork to move in, out, angularly, and laterally. Boxing has become second nature to Cory and we are proud of his success! Keep up the hardwork!


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